Our Leather Repair Services

All of our repairs are colour matched using a revolutionary computerised matching system called a Spectrophotometer™. This equipment matches all leather colours and gloss levels, even when faded, to an accuracy of 99.9% regardless of lighting conditions. You can find below some of our bespoke leather repair services.

Leather Colour Matching

Our team use the revolutionary matching system called a Spectrophotometer™ to ensure the accuracy of our colour matching services. Traditional colour matching relies on mixing and in turn matching colours by the eye, which is notoriously difficult to perfect. The use of this equipment guarantees an unbeatable match of colour in the shortest period of time, allowing you to enjoy your revived furniture sooner.

Leather Repair

We can repair any damage of this description at your home or business with minimal disruption. Our smart repair process ensures that when repaired your leather will look virtually as good as new. It will feel just like your leather should, and will flex and move in the same manner. Our repairs even simulate the grain, texture and if applicable the pattern of your leather.

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Full leather furniture single piece/ suite restore

This would be our recommendation when your furniture has more than a few imperfections, and requires a complete renovation. We will professionally clean, and repair any scuffs, scratches, tears and general ageing, before applying matched pigment, leaving it transformed.

Leather Furniture Pigment Restoration

If your leather is in sound condition, but is either faded, stained or your tastes have simply changed we can offer a full recolour of your furniture. Where this is concerned, price depends entirely on the coverage required.

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Leather Car Seat Repair

Leather better have huge experience in fixing and renovating car leather seats. Our team have years of experience in restoring and renovating car leather seats. We professionally clean, and repair any scuffs, scratches, tears and general ageing.

Once we have repaired the damage, we will apply matched pigment, leaving your car seats completely transformed.

Aniline RE-dying

Aniline leather is the most natural looking of all leathers, as it is dyed rather than protected with a pigment. It is also generally produced from near perfect hides because imperfections aren't hidden. We offer aniline re-dying services should your aniline furniture be faded, stained or past its best. Aniline leather, with rare exceptions, is usually only found in home furnishings and handbags rather than cars. As each aniline restoration varies please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Chesterfield Furniture Restoration

Customers often ask whether we cover the Chesterfield area. Our team are pleased to offer our leather restoration services across Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, and South Yorkshire. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if your Chesterfield suite is past its best.

Other Leather Repair Services

We can repair or renew any leather based product, not just furniture. If a pen has leaked in your luxury, designer handbag (or you fancy changing its colour to match your favourite outfit?) or if your posh purse or wallet has seen better days then we will probably have a solution at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

If you are interested in our leather repair services, and are wanting a free of charge assessment call out today, contact our team.

Work on your leather is undertaken using products
from Smart Express, a leading company in this field.
All work is offered with a lifetime guarantee

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