Leather Restoration

Our leather refinishing expertise can indeed be applied to any leather item that is worse for wear. Handbags, purses, leather headboards, gaming tables and leather in boats are just some examples of leather items that we can renew.

We can even re-colour leather: For example, we could refinish a clutch bag to perfectly colour match a bridesmaids dress, or your favourite outfit!

We strive to give each of our customers the personal service and the time and attention to really understand just the outcome they are looking for.

You are not going to be disappointed. Whether you live in Mansfield or Nottingham, Chesterfield or Newark or Sheffield we can supply the very best in repairing leather just for you.

Leather Restoration really does bring back the magnificence of any piece of furniture. Whether you sofa has been left in the garage for way too long and you think it really is about time it was given some love, or maybe your car seats are starting to get faded and you really want to bring that luxury back to the car then we can help.

For the very best in Leather Restoration, Leather Better is the perfect place to be. Whatever you need we can bring your leather back to life. Steering Wheels, Sofas, Car Seats, we have seen it all and nothing is too much trouble.

So if you have any questions about any of our services whether it is restoration you are looking for or repairs or maybe even a complete colour change then we can help. Why not give us a call and we will give you all the help and advice you need, specifically for your piece of furniture. We are more than happy to help no matter what the problem.

Leather Restoration