Before/After Gallery

Our expert leather restoration team have years of experience in the restoration and repair leather furniture, cars, and leather products. Here are images submitted by our loyal customers of the restoration projects our team have completed.

Our services range from leather sofa repair to car seat repair, find out more of our services & pricing , or contact us for a free assessment call out.

Green Chair Restoration

Our team were required to restore this luxury leather sofa that had become worn from use and began to lose its rich, deep green colour. Our experts at leather better ensured to restore the leather sofa to its original durability, and completed a sofa colour repair service to restore the sofa’s rich green colour.

Cat Scratched Chair Arm

One of our most demanded service, pets are notorious for getting too attached to your leather sofas, furniture and car seats. For this client, we were able to restore the necessary areas of the sofa to repair the scratches and colour damaged caused to the chair arm of the leather sofa.

Knife damaged leather

We repaired the base of this sofa which had a deep slash after the client has opened the packaging of the furniture with a Stanley knife. We were pleased to be able to restore the new sofa for the customer back to its original condition.

Pet damaged leather sofa

As we mentioned earlier, pet damaged leather is one of our most popular restoration services. This sofa was severely damaged with scratch marks. Our team repaired and restored this sofa for the client making it look brand new again, but without the expensive price tag.

Re-upholstery of a heavily damaged panel.

This sofa required a replacement leather panel as the leather was too damaged for a viable repair. As out team are committed to go above and beyond, we ensured to restore the leather sofa through replacing the leather panel and completing a colour match service to ensure the new leather matched seamlessly with the sofa. We also did a complete pigment restoration to the entire suit.

Lexus SC430 Seat Restoration

This luxury car seat had become worn and damaged. We successfully restored the car seat through our leather car seat repair process.

Yacht Leather Pigment Change

This £100,000 Yacht had a rather vivid orange leather which was found to be hindering its sale. Our team were called in to change the leather’s pigment to a modern ivory which added a beautiful and luxurious feel to the Yacht.

Aniline Sofas Restoration

Aniline leather is the highest grade of leather available, dyed with no surface finish. In this instance, we were asked to restore a pair of Aniline sofas. We re-dyed the suit and applied an aniline finish to ensure its future durability.

Mercedes 450 SL Seat Restoration

To restore the luxuriousness of this Mercedes car, our team restored its leather seats ensuring that there were no marks or colour pigment discoloration to the leather.

Peeled finish on a burgundy chair

This leather chair had significant damage to its headrest where the leathers colour had peeled away. Through our leather repair and furniture pigment restoration services, the customer was given a sofa with no damaged and looking at its best.

Leather Sofa Cracking Repair

We are able to provide full leather furniture repair to an entire sofa or a part of the sofa. In this case, the leather sofa arm was given a repair and restoration service due to heavy cracking.

Restoration of a cream leather suite

Leather furniture is delicate to a number of conditions, including sunlight. This suite was looking rather worse for wear after being left in a conservatory for many years which caused damage to the leathers pigment.

Following our leather restoration service, we were able to make the suite ‘as good as new’ as the customer told our team.

Dining Room Chair Colour Change

This single chair has become worn and lost its deep chocolate brown colour after use. We restored the leathers pigment and quality, giving the chair a sleek finish.

Steering Wheel Refurb

Our leather restoration service spans across a range of products. When it comes to cars, it is not only the seats that need maintaining. We were able to restore the leather steering wheel for this Fiesta, even matching the bespoke blue colour of its original leather.

Dining Chair Refurbishment

These leather chairs were restored to their original condition, removing marks and restoring the leathers colour pigment. We are experts in the leather repair and restorations of entire suits to designer bags.

Flee Treatment Restoration

This customer’s sofa has become damaged by a flea treatment powder. The large patch of damage was restored to its original quality and colour through our restoration services.