Frequently Asked Questions

Making it the first question with it being 'is my leather real?'

There are many products that suggest they are leather without being 100% leather. These include Bonded Leather, split hide leather and PU coated leather. Often such inferior products don't lend themselves to durable repairs. To test that your leather is the 'real McCoy' you simply need to press the material in with a finger. If it is the genuine deal it will show its grain by the visual of crinkles, such as illustrated in this picture of pressed in leather on a car seat.

How long will your repair last?

Indefinitely. All of our repairs are fully guaranteed for durability, being at least as durable as the original finish. To help ensure longevity of your leather and its finish we recommend periodic cleaning and conditioning. This will help ensure that your revived leather doesn’t stain, discolour or dry out.

We offer all of our customers free advice on how to best care for your restored leather, along with product recommendations.

Will the repair be visible?

In the majority of instances no. Using highly advanced equipment the colour of your leather is matched perfectly, to a minimum accuracy of 99.9%. Scuff and scratch repairs are near invisible to invisible.

How long does your work take to undertake?

This varies for every job. The quickest jobs can be completed within 90 minutes. At the other end of the scale a complete refinish of a large sofa and matching chair will take a full day (9.00 – 5.00)

After repair, how long do I have to wait before I can use my furniture?

completion of work your leather is touch dry. Within just one hour the leather pigment applied is already curing. We advise best practice is to leave the leather be for 24 hours, and it is then ready for you to enjoy!

Do you need to take my furniture away?

No. All work is carried out at your home or place of work. If more convenient small leather items such as handbags can be taken away, and returned upon completion.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in North Nottinghamshire, and serve the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. We can serve further afield, but travelling expenses will need to be added to the cost of work.

How exactly do you refinish leather?

Most leather products bought new have a pigment top coat finish. To refinish leather all we undertake the following processes:

  • We match the colour of your existing leather using an extremely advanced photographic computer. Pigment colour is then mixed to a minimum accuracy of 99.9%. Most leather refinishers match colour by eye which is notoriously difficult to perfect.
  • We use powerful cleaner followed by a powerful prep agent to remove dirt, and then any contaminants from your leather.
    We very lightly sand the leather to provide a key, and if appropriate remove any damaged colour or scuffs present.
  • If required we use a specialist leather 'filler' to fill in any scuffs or grazes, this product moves with and behaves exactly like leather.
  • We apply a 'flex' undercoat to provide flexibility to the pigment, to ensure it moves and behaves in the way that it should.
  • 'We then restore the leathers finish, using pigments from the worlds largest supplier of leather refinish products (ensuring the best durability) with a spray compressor unit.
  • Your leather now looks and feels like new.
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